WordPress Care Plans

Giving you peace of mind with unlimited website support

Imagine never having to think about your WordPress website again.
Plugins are updated, content is added, and no worries about hackers or malware.
Let's make that vision a reality.

Relax, your website is in good hands.

Website maintenance includes:

Plugin Updates

We'll take care of all of the Wordpress core and plugin updates. And we'll use visual regression testing to make sure your site wasn't negatively affected by any of the updates.

24/7 Support Team

There is a team of Wordpress professionals on standby ready to update your site content! Whether it's uploading a new image, publishing a landing page, or anything in between, we'll take care of it!

Saily Off-Site Backups

You don't want to be caught without a backup when the unthinkable happens. We'll create daily backups and store them securely off-site so that if all else fails, your site can be back up and running in no time.

Visual Checks

Plugin & core updates are notorious for not playing nicely with each other and breaking sites. Our visual check process alerts our team if any discrepancies are found.

Security Monitoring

This is fundamental. Your site needs security monitoring to protect it against the malicious malware & hack attempts that are sure to happen. We'll keep your site safe, and if we ever find anything malicious, we'll clean it up for you.


We'll provide you with monthly maintenance reports that keep you up to speed with everything going on behind the scenes of your awesome website. This way you'll know all of the value you're getting without even having to ask.

Do I really need a website maintenance plan?

Wordpress is the most popular web hosting platform on the internet. Roughly 35% of all websites run on Wordpress. 73% of those websites are vulnerable - 37,000 of which are hacked every day.

When we design a website for a client, we hand it off with some basic security measures in place. However, Wordpress websites need routine - monthly or weekly - maintenance to keep things secure and running smoothly. This regular maintenance combined with a solid, secure managed web hosting platform should keep most sites secure.

Security isn't the only factor, however. Oftentimes websites will make use of several plugins to achieve different functionality goals. If the plugin code isn't kept current by their authors to be compatible with new versions of Wordpress, this can cause issues during updates.

We find clients prefer to not have to think about these updates, and would rather leave it to us. This gives them the peace of mind to focus on their business and get back to their lives. Additionally, our Unlimited plan provides unlimited content updates - so clients shouldn't even have to log into their site much - if at all.

Choose a plan that suits you.


  • Daily off-site backups
  • Daily plugin & core updates with visual check
  • Daily security scans
  • Free malware cleanup


  • Everything in Standard plus:
  • 24/7 support
  • Unlimited content edits
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What is website maintenance?

Website Maintenance is the process of keeping your website performing the best that it can. This is done through backups, downtime monitoring, performance monitoring and security monitoring. All done on a recurring basis.

Do you really offer unlimited content edits? How is this possible?

When we say unlimited content edits, we mean it! You and your clients can send in as many requests as you’d like. Remember that a content edit is anything that takes 30 minutes or less to resolve and can generally be handled within the admin panel of your WordPress website. We’re able to do this because we have a U.S. based team dedicated to doing only this — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We can resolve most tasks very quickly since we often see similar issues across hundreds of sites. And while some customers send more support requests than others, the average number of tasks per customer is very manageable.

What types of tasks are included in the Unlimited plan?

Our Unlimited plan covers anything that takes 30 minutes or less to resolve and that can generally be handled within the admin panel of your WordPress site.

For example: Adding or editing content like blog posts, WooCommerce products, pages, etc., editing menus and widgets, installing and activating plugins, and much more.

Have more complex issues? No problem! We’re happy to troubleshoot more complicated issues and then discuss what kind of resolutions we can offer to best fit your needs.

Here’s a more comprehensive list of the most common things our 24/7 team does.

Content Edits:
Publishing blog posts and new pages from provided Word or Text documents
Adding/Removing/Editing text on posts, pages, products, etc.
Uploading provided JPG and PNG images and adding to pages
Cropping/Resizing images within the WP Dashboard
Adding provided Yoast keywords, titles, snippets, etc
Adding/Removing/Editing menu items
Configuring popups, notification bars, and slide-in features based on provided text, images, and examples
Create image galleries
Edit page slugs
Adding/Removing/Editing users
Upload PDFs
Adjust widgets
Settings Adjustments:Updating theme options
Adding redirects
Add/Remove/Edit form fields
Edit templates made from visual editors (such as Beaver Builder, Elementor, and Divi Builder)
Installing simple plugins from the WordPress repository (i.e. “Duplicate Post” or “WordPress Zero Spam”)

What types of tasks are NOT included in the Unlimited plan?

Here are some requests that the Unlimited Content Edits Plan does not include:

Graphic design changes (Things like creating graphics or editing images beyond simple resizing/cropping)
SEO and Analytics strategy, review, or consulting
Writing or providing copy for posts, pages, products, etc. (Including Cookie Permissions and Privacy Policies)
Build-outs and plugin/theme development, including the build-out of new major functionality on an existing site (i.e. setting up an online store, rebuilding existing content through a different page builder, or custom-coding a new plugin to provide new functionality)
Host-related optimization
Interacting with third-party vendors, including the host, email provider, a plugin/theme’s support team, etc.
Purchasing plugins, license keys, or extensions

Just remember, it never hurts to ask. No matter the request, we’ll help point you in the right direction!

What is a task takes more than 30 minutes?

We'll let you know, and if there is a cost associated with the update, you can decide whether or not you would still like to pursue it.

Occasionally there are requests that our happiness engineers cannot do because it falls completely outside our scope of service. Once we troubleshoot the issue, we’ll let you know what your best options are.

Do I need to install anything?

Unlimited Plan: Our team is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days and week, 365 days a year. We strive to complete all tasks within 8 hours but our happiness engineers usually get them done much faster!

standard Plan: Our hours are 9-5 EST, Monday - Friday. If there is an issue with your website, let us know and we will get back to you ASAP during normal business hours.

How do I submit a support request?

Submit support requests to: support@designittogether.com

Can I change plans or cancel in the future?

Our plans are flexible. You can upgrade/downgrade or even cancel at any time in order to meet your current needs. Just email us at and let us know which plan you’d like to change to.